All Your Vectors

So I have a Vectrex, which is a monochrome vector-monitor-based home video game system from 1982. It's a wonderful piece of hardware, and still really fun.

I recently bought a 72 game multi-cart, which is a (bare PCB for a) single Vectrex cartridge that contains every Vectrex game ever released, plus a bunch of homebrew stuff. ("Custom bankswitching design allows for different size ROM images"! Hardcore.)

And one of those homebrew demos on the cart is... well... this is a thing that happened:

Let's re-cap: a cartridge manufactured in 2008, containing a demo written in 2001, which is a vector-graphics reproduction of an internet meme from 2000, based on a video game from 1989, running on a video game system manufactured in 1982.

This is a very strange dojo.

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