more jPlayer grief

Well, I upgraded to the latest dev version of jPlayer and now seeking works in the DNA Lounge webcast archives on iOS, so that's nice. But:

  • Firefox can't seek, because jPlayer falls back to Flash because of Firefox's religious objections to MP3, and the Flash back-end doesn't know how to do Byte-Ranges.

  • Chrome just says "Media URL cannot be loaded". But pressing play on the DNA Radio link works, so it's not that MP3 isn't supported. No idea what's going on.

  • Opera seems to not work at all. It can't parse the jPlayer Javascript.

  • I have no idea what IE does, but I assume it does whatever crazy thing Opera does, since that's usually the case.

So in an attempt to break my web site free of how fucked up iTunes has become, I seem to have built a site that works only in Safari and on iOS.

This is not going exactly as planned.

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