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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein political victory is achieved, photos are shot, and some things are for your own good.


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Gram Rabbit

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Concentrated wooden clothes. I can tell because of the pixels.

Sruli Recht again:

Layers of walnut wood were divided into triangles then mounted on a textile base to create a pliable material that forms the geometric shapes of the garments.

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Skin Ring

Forget Me Knot

Iceland-based fashion designer Sruli Recht had a slice of skin surgically removed from his own belly to make this ring.

After the operation, the 110 by 10 millimetre strip of skin was salted and tanned, then mounted on a 24 carat gold band to create the piece of jewellery, which can be purchased for €350,000.

There is, of course, a video.

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Can You Eat Your Own Poop?

Yes. Yes you can. (A rare example of a headline ending in a question mark to which the answer is yes!)

Best summarized by this comment from a reader:

alvinstraight: So the scientific answer is that you can, but only if you eat it straight out of your ass. But if you can do that, won't you be too busy blowing yourself to care about dinner? Signed, Gilbert Gottfried.

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PTZ HD SDI cameras

Dear Lazyweb, do any of you have experience using an EverFocus HDcctv PTZ camera, or, in fact, any PTZ SDI camera?

In particular I need to figure out the plane of hell to which I will find myself consigned should I try to control where the camera's pointing from a Perl script. I'd sure like to have some confidence as to whether it's even possible before buying one, since I got pretty burned on those piece of shit Panasonic WV-NS324 cameras I have now.

This one says says "Protocols supported: EVF-1, Pelco-P, Pelco-D" and those words mean nearly nothing to me.

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