The Wrong Way to Consume Alcohol

"May I go ahead and chisel your aroma sphere?"


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  1. Pavel Lishin says:

    Well, given that the guy from Party Down is in Parks and Recreation now, I guess I have to put aside my arguably irrational hate of The Office-type shows and give it a shot.

    Portlandia can suck it, though. It's as funny as SNL is.

  2. gronk says:

    When I did labwork I once had to clean a lot of lab glassware with 96% ethanol. Thinking 'meh, it's just alcohol, and I'm cleaning stuff just like I do all the time with acetone, so why bother doing this in a proper fumehood', I splash quite a bit of ethanol around. Five minutes later, I notice that I've got an annoying headache, my face feels flushed, and I'm feeling a bit woozy. Getting drunk by inhalation is far less pleasant than getting drunk using alcohol orally.

  3. JSL says:

    Later at the steakhouse ...
    "A round of scotch .. in liquid form."
    "You don't need to specify that."
    "You'd be surprised."

  4. 47f274a3faaf says:

    Allegedly one can huff the alcohol gas at the top of those five gallon buckets of pizza dough.

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