Somehow I had never been to Alcatraz.

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  1. Steve Lieber says:

    Back when I was hired to draw this, the parks people took my wife and me on an insanely-in-depth tour so we could shoot photo reference. By the time it was done, we'd been everywhere from the basement, to the top of the cell blocks, to the roof, and we were filthy from creeping around in the Nakatomi space through which Frank Morris and the Anglins escaped in 1962.

  2. Otto says:

    I lived in Memphis for 7 years or so before I visited Graceland.

    There must be a word for living in a place and never visiting the tourist attractions there.

    • Patrick Berry says:

      It's probably a German word.

    • Legooolas says:

      The word is "expected".

    • Brian B says:

      Agree on "expected". When I was a young Midwestern lad I didn't understand how my uncle had lived in New York City ALL HIS LIFE and never been to the top of the Empire State Building.

    • Robert Luke/1118AZ/1954-1959 says:


    • Ronald Pottol says:

      I must agree. As a life long (well, a few escape attempts here and there) San Jose resident, check out the Winchester Mystery house. I was finally dragged there, it really is kind of cool, worth the money to see it once.

  3. Patrick Berry says:

    Did anybody on the trip say during the approach that "it's only a model"? Because that would have been well played.

  4. birdman says:

    you took the headphone/audio tour right? because on top of everything else that makes this a really worthwhile and non-touristical tourist thing to do there's the audio tour.

  5. Did you go on the hospital tour? If not, go again!