PSA: SmugMug

Dear Everybody:

SmugMug is really, really, really terrible. It's one of the worst photo gallery user interfaces I've ever seen. It is just fantastically incompetent.

Please stop using it.

Sincerely, The Internet.

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7 Responses:

  1. Bob says:

    Yes. They shouldn't continue letting the blind employees do their UI work. I will say, though, that I haven't seen a photo hosting site that doesn't suck in some sort of big way. Perhaps Flickr, now that Yahoo has some people working on it again.

  2. Joe says:

    Also Shutterfly. They only barely let you get your own photos out, and not full size images.

  3. Ian Young says:

    You clearly took the blue pill...

  4. Rubén says:

    Your take on

  5. Jason Heilig says:

    I spent all this last weekend in Atlanta at the PPA ImagingUSA expo looking for alternatives. I'm not sure I've found one yet, but the galleries from zenfolio aren't totally horrible.

    All I can say is yeah, I fucking hate Smugmug. It's ugly, it's impractical, and for businesses like me... I can't do a very good job of branding it.