deflecting it old school

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  1. Jacob says:

    Vectrex! Minesweeper! I used to be awesome with that not really self-recentering little metal joystick!

  2. Dan says:

    Mine's sitting on my dining room table right now with a stack of games. I used to love turning up the brightness to see the beam. Still a great little unit. It's amazing that it ever got to market at all.

  3. Nrmrvrk says:

    I loved the Vectrex back in the day. They were just about the only home system to get the joystick right despite being so small. Lucky you.

  4. Jens Kilian says:

    I have to get mine out of the cellar to see if it still works... Unfortunately, I don't have the original controller (I hacked a replacement out of a cheap PC joystick, but it doesn't work very well).

  5. gmontag says:

    Now you need the Vectrex 3d imager.

    VR from 1984 made from bear skins and flint knives.

    • antabakayt says:

      Don't knock the rotating discs, dude.
      We did not know how advanced that shit was.

  6. jwz says:

    Incidentally, the Vectrex for iOS app isn't bad, though it's always hard using a touchscreen as a joystick.

  7. Ah, the memories... My Dad brought one back to New Zealand from a trip to SF (Altos Computers, anyone?). I played Mine Storm so much that I discovered that if you got to some fairly high level the game would just expire. I still have it somewhere. Motorola 68000 FTW!

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