DNA Lounge: Wherein your dazzles are well and truly razzled.

Check out this video I shot earlier today of the progress on the Room Four Dazzle Camo (detailed here). Devon and Trista have been doing an amazing job painting this. There are going to be a few special spots in the room where the lines converge to hide the edges of the walls! One of them is "leaning against the far end of the bar", at around 0:11 in the video, and the other is "standing in near the middle of the dance floor", at around 0:22. Look closely in that last one, that's actually 3 walls you're seeing there but it looks flat. This is going to rule.

Hey, some photo galleries! Actually a few of these aren't really photo galleries but links to Youtube clips, but that kinda counts.

The Model Experience
Cool Story Bro
Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands
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