The Wrong Way to Consume Alcohol

"May I go ahead and chisel your aroma sphere?"


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She's a Flight Risk

"She's a Flight Risk" is a blog that was active between March 2003 and March 2006. It's a diary of a woman on the run from her family: "memoirs of a post-adolescent, international fugitive."

I discovered it in early 2004 and was immediately hooked. I mentioned it to a friend recently, leading me to discover that nearly all traces of it have disappeared from the web, including from*

Fortunately, I saved a copy. So I've put it back up. Enjoy!

* This happens all the time, and it is the Wayback Machine's Achilles Heel: even if they have a copy of a web site, the moment the domain expires and is redirected to a "parking" site with a stupid robots.txt file, you can no longer get the bits back out. It's horrible. Paging the Archivists: you guys need to fix this.
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