SOMA Nature Walk: Death from the Skies Edition

Plane's banner falls off, lands on SF power lines

A plane flying a banner advertising "$8.99 haircuts" over San Francisco Saturday afternoon lost the ad, which landed on high voltage power lines next to the San Francisco Tennis Club in the city's SoMa district.

The banner's landing was first reported around noon near the intersection of 5th and Brannan streets.

Upon contact with the power lines, the banner reportedly burned up and caused a power outage for an estimated 250 residents in the surrounding area, according to PG&E.

The intersection of 5th and Brannan streets was closed off by emergency crews while they attempted to remove the banner from the power lines.

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The echidna penis is an oddity. Like some birds and reptiles, the penis is used ONLY for the passage of semen, all urine and stuff goes through the cloaca. And, like some reptiles, the penis of the echidna is bifurcated. That is, there are two "heads". Each of those heads is ALSO bifurcated, resulting in a total of four little heads (called, charmingly, "rosettes"). Not only that, the opening for the semen on each of those isn't a hole. No, it's more like a showerhead.

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