Fucking "clouds", man.

How come if I add a "Reminder" on my iPad, I have to quit the desktop "Reminders" app and re-start it before my reminder shows up? Every time.

How come if I edit a "Note" on my iPad or iPhone, three quarters of the time (but not every time) the next time I look at my notes from a different device, that whole page has been duplicated? One will have the old write-date, one has the new.

iCloud, you suck.

Oh, also, how come Safari on iOS has -- again -- gotten in the mode where it refuses to remember HTTP AUTH logins on my internal site with a self-signed SSL cert? This was fixed for a while but now it's back.

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Brattleboro Days, Yuggoth Nights

What an amazing artifact! It's the kind of artifact that a character in a Lovecraft story might come across while settling the affairs of a mysteriously-deceased, crazed uncle.

"The Mi-Go are greater beings than we, but then again, who ain't?"

After the story was published in Weird Tales, Goodenough sent Lovecraft a congratulatory card, and also asked the author a couple of questions. Rather than responding with a card or letter of his own, Lovecraft wrote the answers in a tiny hand and then apparently gave the card to Vrest Orton -- a bookman and eventual founder of The Vermont County Store -- who returned the card to Goodenough personally during a trip to the Green Mountain State. Then Goodenough sent the card back to Lovecraft again, with follow-up questions written in a nearly microscopic hand. I suppose he knew the local postmaster, and was able to get the card back into the mail system without a problem. Amazingly, Lovecraft managed to fit the answers to the questions on the postcard in an even smaller hand. Sherwood told me that he'd guessed that Lovecraft used a magnifying glass and a sewing needle dipped in ink. Here's an odd thing; Sherwood had found the postcard at an estate sale. It had been protected from the elements because it had been used as a bookmark in a 1935 number of The Revelator, and that number was a special issue dedicated to the "gothic tales" of Isak Dinesen.

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"Robotic Spider Dress".

It's like they put those words in that order just for me.

The Mark Romanek / Floria Sigismondi styling in the video was the obvious but right choice.

Anouk Wipprecht also made this lovely couturasite. (A word with zero hits, incidentally.)

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