Oh iTunes, why must you continue to vex me so.

Dear Lazyweb, iTunes changed its streaming behavior some time in the last 5 years and I can't figure out what it's doing now.

Create two .m3u files, one containing just the URL
and one containing just the URL

If you open the first one in iTunes 10.7, you will see that iTunes titles it "01-05.mp3", knows how long it is, and lets you move the slider to seek around in the stream.

If you open the second one, the one without the ".mp3" extension on the URL, you'll see that iTunes titles it correctly ("DNA Lounge: Bootie SF" etc.) but now it lists its length as "Continuous" and now you can't seek.

Obviously I want both titles and seekability.

And I've heard a rumor that iTunes 11 does something differently-stupid.

Ideas? Insights?

Also the actually-continuous DNA Radio stream sometimes has metadata (song titles, as they change) and sometimes does not and I can't tell why. I saw it have metadata earlier this evening and now it doesn't, so WTF.

Though really, maybe it's dumb to try and use iTunes (or WinAmp or whatever) as the way that people listen to our streams in the first place. In This Modern World, that's done with a Flash player embedded on the page, right? Trouble is, I have never been able to find one that works properly with our webcast archives which are 6+ hours long. All the players want to download the entire file to the client before they let you seek through it, because "everybody knows" MP3 files are only 4 minutes long so why would you do anything else.

E.g., the Yahoo Web Player thing that the Bootie folks use here looks pretty good, UI-wise, but as far as I can tell, it cannot be made to work with our MP3 streams even though our server supports Byte-Ranges.

If you have a suggestion of one of these players that you think works, please let me know. Because I've tried like ten of them and gotten nowhere.

Your suggestion should take the form of, "I saved the HTML of the webcast page locally, edited it to install the player, and I was able to seek to hour 5 without that taking 5 hours."

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