I'm not reading a lot of comics lately. Here are some good ones:

  • Atomic Robo -- A mechanical man built by Nikola Tesla fights Nazis and punches out Dr. Dinosaur. It's damned near perfect.

    However I keep missing issues because they give the series a new subtitle every five issues or so and half the time HeavyInk stops sending them to me, even though their new "chaining" feature is supposed to fix exactly this. Dear comics publishers, please knock that shit off.

  • Saga -- It's a road-trip on-the-run space-opera with swords, a guy with a TV for a head called Prince Robot IV, a disemboweled teen ghost in the Willow Rosenberg role, and rocket ships that literally grow on trees. You can't go wrong here, people.

  • Hawkeye -- The art is great and it's deadpan and funny enough to make me tolerate men in tights.

  • Fatale -- The art's great and I like the idea of it but I have no idea what's going on. Maybe if I got the GNs instead of single issues I'd have a clue who any of these people are.

  • The Boys -- This is about punching Superman through the face, which is cool, but when the latest TPB arrived I thought, "Wait, didn't t this end? thought this ended." So that's not a good sign I guess.

  • iZombie -- It's basically Buffy season 2 but where our lead is a zombie. It's cute, but now that they've done some more world-building and explained the mythology, it's kind of gone from Buffy to Angel season 1 and is less interesting.

And, you know, some other stuff that wasn't very good. Like there's a new Hellraiser series, of all things. I've already forgotten that it exists.

So recommend something to me that isn't superheroes.

Some webcomics:

  • Monster of the Week -- It's a vaguely manga-styled re-telling of every episode of The X Files, in order. It's hilarious and probably better than re-watching it.

  • Oglaf -- If you fap to only one pornographic Dungeons and Dragons pastiche, let it be this one.

  • Scenes from a Multiverse -- "A comic about life in an ordinary multiverse". It's funny.

  • Things Could Be Worse: The Tragedy Series -- "Defeating his nemesis takes the zest out of villainy."

  • Virus Comix -- The most cynical wall of text of all walls of text. With sphinxes.


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