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A functional ectopic vaginal anus: a rare clinical entity.

A case of functional ectopic vaginal anus is presented in a 20 years old girl. Patient complained of passage of stool through her vagina. She was continent and had no complaint of constipation. Her examination revealed imperforated anus with functional ectopic vaginal anus. Her surgery was performed in two stages. In first stage, anoplasty was performed at midpoint between the vulval and anal opening. The posterior vaginal wall was repaired in two layers and protective loop colostomy was made. In the second stage, after a period of 3 months loop colostomy was closed.

Update: PDF.

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9 Responses:

  1. moof says: appears to be the actual paper; it also has pictures with captions such as "Proposed site of future anus".

  2. Otto says:

    God damn you. I read this while drunk and eating take out. You evil mutha f'er.... Don't deny it. You know that was part of the master plan...

  3. Kit Sunde says:

    The infamous vaganus.

  4. Elusis says:

    The most horrifying part of this for me is that the patient is 20 years old. Poor gal.

    • jwz says:

      It's because she's from the 14th Century. From the PDF:

      Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 2012 [...] The delay in seeking treatment in our setup is due to lack of awareness, illiteracy, social constraint, strong religious belief and residence in a far remote area. [...] A girl of 20 years old came from a far remote area of a neighbouring country. She was complaining of abnormal passage of stool from the vagina. She stated that she had no anal opening since birth.

  5. Pavel Lishin says:

    What an odd photo illustration.

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