The Helical Model: Our Solar System is a Vortex


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  1. David M.A. says:

    Like so many cranks, whomever this is has confused an interesting fact (and we are in fact turned with respect to the galactic plane -- about 60°) with a deep philosophic point that's sure to blow your mind, man.

    Neat animation, though.

  2. Misha N says:

    Of course DJs are like the authorities on science and astrophysics. All that acid and ecstasy has made them super intelligent, man!

    Agreed the animation is cool and even the music, but gosh what a poor person if they really believe this stuff.

  3. James says:!?!

    Because, this is your vortex. This is your vortex on a wandering brown dwarf:

  4. margaret says:

    needs a banana for scale

  5. MattF says:

    Well, the last minute is bullshit, but here's a concept to reflect on: According to the Equivalence Principle, each body in a gravitational field is traveling on a geodesic, moving 'as though' it is freely falling. So, what looks to an external observer like a complex orbit is actually the shortest and simplest path the body can take.

  6. nikita says:

    Beware, next thing he will learn about relative motion and realize that in the system of reference attached to his head the entire universe rotates^Wvortexes around his head.

  7. jwz says:

    Obviously the size of the Sun and planets are enormously exaggerated, but I was curious about the scale of the other things in the video, and it looks like he was pretty accurate about the spread on the spirals: it looks like the Sun is moving at 220km/s and Earth's orbital velocity is 30km/s, and that about fits with the animation. (Though his text says, "Our Solar System moves through space at 70,000 km/h", which is only 20 km/s, so I don't know where he got that.)

    However, the Sun is not moving through the galaxy in the direction of solar North, as in this video. It's headed toward Vega, which is 38° North, so in this animation, the planetary disc should be tilted by 53°.

    Oh, geez. I dared to underpify the Youtube comments and the first comment is, "The direction of travel of our sun is not perpendicular to the planetary planes of rotation. I think this animation needs to be modified to show a more 'sideways' motion", to which our intrepid author replies, "That's the very model I'm trying NOT to show here ;-) I don't buy into the 'frisbee model'.".

    So, you know, as long as he "doesn't buy into it". Facts aside. That's cool.

    It's the smiley that really sells it.

    The video sure is pretty, though.

    • jwz says:

      Oh, I forgot to add in Earth's axial tilt of 23° so that means the disc should be tilted by... somewhere between 76° and 30°, depending on where Vega is in the sky relative to Earth's tilt toward the Sun. I assume right declination tells us that but I don't know how. Anyway, the tilt of the ecliptic relative to the Sun's motion through the galaxy is a lot closer to edge-on than the 0° shown in this video!

  8. Colin says:

    If you click on the link in the video's description you'll find that he gets all his beliefs about the vortex solar system Dr Bhat. And the page he links to on Dr Bhat to prove this vortex stuff is full of all manner of further science crank stuff. Including images from the OAHSPE bible which is serious cranklandia.

  9. James says:

    This "imminent collision" of the Andromeda galaxy is certainly kind of terrifying, although it probably won't involve more than a few percent more actual collisions than usually occur in galactic space.