"Sensible", he says.


Gazelle is a rewrite of an aborted project, jsel, which aims to be a sensible Lisp for Javascript. By "sensible" I mean it adheres to the following ideas: [...]

Unsensibly, Gazelle is written in Emacs Lisp. I'll port it to Common Lisp eventually.

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3 Responses:

  1. adam alpern says:

    Nothing about this summary makes "sense".

    Or maybe "sense" is "exactly" what it "makes".

  2. Charles Stephens says:

    Derp herp herp derp derp?! Herp.

  3. Boxcat says:

    Clojure has a backend that already speaks Javascript, for all the fucked-up non-sense that that makes.

    If we're going to perpetuate Greenspun's Tenth Law quite so blatantly, I'd rather we had Rich Hickey & the Clojure folks doing it, rather than some J Random.

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