It's leaking again.

On a postcard I just received:

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13 Responses:

  1. Otto says:

    Better than getting ones that have pictures of you around town, doing your shopping and such...

  2. Did someone actually make that a custom stamp? That's an odd choice.

  3. Tomaz Z. says:

    Haha, awesome :D

  4. Doug Orleans says:

    Pretty soon we'll have animated gifs on stamps.

  5. Have you gotten any memes on stamps? Goatse stamp, Rick Astley stamp?

    • doppelfish says:

      I shall look into sending JWZ a singing telegram. The service should be versed, by now, in the great hit brought to us by Rick Astley.

  6. Mike Hoye says:

  7. phuzz says:

    I suppose it's more scary than this.

    Unless you're David Icke.

    • Sheilagh says:

      oh! Thanks for the reminder. I'd lost track of very-loosely-Icke-related Benjamin Fulford, high fantasy for the globally politically minded. Sadly, it looks like he hasn't yet "explained" Secretary Clinton's recent brain troubles.

      Here's a sample that touches on one of his main themes, about a secret Chinese society working to defeate the Nazi/Bush cabal and avert WWIII. Another theme pertains to nukes used to create the Fukushima earthquake; etc. Conspiracy bingo!