Is there a long German word for:

that stark feeling of dread you get when there's a new release of software that you use all day, every day?

"7 features Apple killed off in iTunes 11."

Until I learn how badly their replacement for "iTunes DJ" sucks, I guess I'll put off installing this as long as possible. If they broke the ability for it to draw its choices from a smart playlist, or the ability for anonymous iPhone users to request songs, I'll never be able to upgrade the version that we run at DNA Pizza.

The removal of multiple windows also sounds like it will make the construction of my mixtapes be much more of a pain in the ass.

Since I'll be forced to come to terms with it eventually anyway I'd like to test it out myself, but I assume that, as usual, the only way to downgrade is to restore the whole system from backup, since iTunes gets its claws into everything. Blah.

Update: Yeah, it's not looking good. Ars Technica:

While Up Next seems intended to replace iTunes DJ, it lacks some of iTunes DJ's functionality. For example, there's no more ability to stick to higher rated songs. There was also a related feature that let iOS device users "upvote" songs to play sooner or more frequently. Overnight, these fantastic features have been stripped away.

Another missing feature is the ability to open playlists in separate windows. There's a new dedicated view to edit an existing playlist. [...] But some users simply prefer to have multiple windows open in order to search for various songs and drag then drop them to a particular playlist.

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  1. klaus says:


  2. Jenni bot says:


    • Jon says:

      You probably meant: Regelmäßigbenutztesoftwareneuerscheinungangst


      • ...didn't they abolish the "ß" in 1996 because it was, well, pretty fucked up?

        • Jon says:

          "...didn't they abolish the "ß" in 1996 because it was, well, pretty fucked up?"

          No, that would've been too easy. ;-)

          They changed the rule of when to use "ß" and when to use "ss", maybe to make it more clear.

          So, "ss" is used after a short vowel, as in "Fass", "Klasse", as in the English word "kiss".

          "ß" is used after a long vowel, as in "Straße", "Floß", and Regelmäßig;

  3. Tim says:

    I had that sense of dread but I don't use iTunes for much other than playing music very occasionally (I am not a music junkie like you), so I went ahead and upgraded.

    Field report so far: simple things like "Not Using CPU while Idle" (2.4% CPU to do nothing at all, compared to 0% in the old version) and keyboard navigation through lists of songs have broken. But it sure does look pretty. Your decision to hold off is solid.

  4. Jeff Clough says:

    I bit the bullet last night and upgraded. I haven't had enough time to sift through all the newness, but two things popped out at me. First, the mini-player is kind of nice, and unobtrusive enough for me to keep visible at all times. Second, holy crap is it slow. We're talking multi-second delays when switching from view to view. I don't have the world's beefiest Mac, but 10 was friggin' snappy compared to this slug.

    • Pavel Lishin says:

      I didn't notice much of a change in the miniplayer, except now it refuses to show me the current artist and song title. (After polling friends, it seems that I'm the only one with this issue.)

  5. James says:


  6. lallafa says:

    Verlustangst ...

  7. The mini player also now pop itself up on top of everything and shows cover art when moving to the next track. This is irritating. I guess at least it doesn't steal focus.

    • Jon Konrath says:

      Did you try clearing Preferences > Advanced > Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows?

      • Yep. This isn't the miniplayer staying on top all the time, it comes to the front when a track switches.

        I tried toggling it and clearing it for good measure, but no luck.

  8. Dusk says:

    Until I learn how badly their replacement for "iTunes DJ" sucks…

    If you loved iTunes DJ, you will probably hate "Up Next". It's a bit more discoverable than DJ was, but ends up losing some features, including the ability to play anything that hasn't been explicitly queued up. :(

    • Juri Pakaste says:

      You can start playing in a play list with either shuffle or normal play and then queue up things and it works just fine. It's actually better than DJ was in that you can queue up songs separately without doing it in reverse order.

      It thing requesting is gone, but I'm not sure.

      • xrayspx says:

        I kludged together most of what I used of DJ by doing this:

        Create a new Smart Playlist. I have two rules, the first can be discarded in my case:
        Year | is less than | 2100 (something sufficiently larger than 2012). This will return null year fields, so it doesn't require there to be a year in the tag.

        Last Played | not in the last | 2 days. This was necessary to make songs remove themselves from the playlist after they play. This rule supersedes the first rule, so it's the only one really needed, but I'm not sure I want it there yet.

        Then just limit to however many items, selected by Random, enable Live Updating and Match only checked, and it pretty much works the way DJ did. The only thing that's bugging me is the multiple windows thing, since that obviously made it super easy to drag things into a playlist.

        Sort by the first field (play order) until it starts acting the way it should when you remove tracks, new ones should show up at the bottom. When I first started playing around, new tracks would show up in the middle somewhere when I would remove existing tracks from the list.

        The remote stuff though, from everything I've read, is history, which is a shame. I never used it but the way they're using it at the pizza place seems like a great idea.

  9. Jon Konrath says:

    You can start an Up Next playlist (is that the right term?) from a smart playlist. I haven't tried adding songs using the Remote app, but it was allegedly updated to work with iTunes 11.

  10. Ray says:

    Perhaps the word that you're looking for is 'maybeishouldtrylinuxagain'? Or in some dialects, 'cantbelieveiactuallywishiwasbackonwindows'. Or the more neutral, less emphatic 'wonderhowlongbeforesomethingforcesmetoupgradethis', which is commonly followed by 'maybeicankeepitrunninginavirtualmachine'

  11. Ian Young says:

    With the death of Coverflow, maybe they'll finally fix the Finder, too.

    • Steen says:

      Is the usual "why doesn't finder do tabs and dual-pane view like every other gui file manager" broken, or something specific to Coverflow?

      • Well, the fact that they thought coverflow was a useful file browser was certainly... interesting.

        (Insert requisite plug for PathFinder here.)

      • Ian Young says:

        The original Finder (well--maybe not the Original Finder: the one that wasn't a/the 'Finder'--but the System 7 Finder at least) was great: positional memory, new windows, the whole "Desktop" metaphor. Great file manager. 10/10, would manage files again.

        The NextStep ...whatever it was called... was a bag-on-the-side. Worse than winfile.exe. Terrible in every way. Going to work on OS X and coming home to WinNT made coming home feel better, because until Vista, I could still have all my windows. If there's a skeumorphism that should've stuck, it's "every folder opens a window and stays where I put it when I reopen it". But no, that's too much metadata to save, so fuck it.

        File management went to shit and now with "every application vertically manages its files in some directory named ~/Documents/FARBOZZCORP MAGICAL FROMBULATOR VERSION 8", there's even less of a reason.

        It's a conspiracy, I tell you... a conspiracy against rational thought.

  12. John says:

    try it and you will never go back to itunes

    • piku says:

      Why? Its main feature of "connect with the artists you love" sounds like some sort of social networking drivel I don't want.

      I'm not trolling BTW, I just want a compelling reason to go through the hassle of installing it. I have a PC and it runs iTunes because the alternate is Foobar 2000 and its 1999 style GUI. Not having to use iTunes on my PC would be great.

      Amarok in Linux was nice, but making that work in Windows looks painful.

      Google Music works well, but makes no sense if you're at home, where your music is that you uploaded to it.

      • phuzz says:

        Meh, I'm still using winamp because it's not changed substantially since I started using it way back when. It does what I want, in the way that I expect.
        iTunes just makes me want to stab things, although I hear it's more palatable on OSX.

        I just want to know why every media player ever thinks that it's a good idea to have a gui that is skinned or otherwise tarted up to be utterly different from the standard OS GUIs. Text editors (for instance) don't seem to feel the need to do this, but every bloody media player ever has to layer on pointless chrome and shiny to the detriment of the user experience.

        Ok, rant over.

        • piku says:

          Osx iTunes is alright (compared to the nonexistent alternates if you use XCode and do iOS dev), but it's a bit nasty in Windows.

          However it is better than Windows Media Player.

  13. cja says:


    making something worse in the attempt to improve it

  14. You should try what I did. I clicked "install iTunes" immediately when the "there is new version available" dialog popped up. It started App Store, which said "there are no updates" and after that I haven't seen any mention of new iTunes. And my iTunes is still 10.6.

  15. andrew says:

    I'm not a native German speaker, but I'm fairly sure that this is the word you're looking for: DassGefühlAlsEineNuesVersionDemSoftwareWieScheidtJetztistFeckDiesFurEinSpielVonSoldatsWarumKonnenSieJustLebenTheFuckingDingAllein,Cunty.

    • andrew says:

      Also, missing a nicht, and leben was just wrong. So this is a better word.


  16. art says:

    The short yiddish word is farpotshket, which means broken; but broken only because somebody tried to fix it.

  17. I, for one, am impressed at the variety of suggestions of German vocabulary you've received.

  18. Liam says:

    This might (or might not...) be of use -

    I never used the DJ function so I only pass this along as it purports to resurrect the functionality some way .

    Cheers, Liam

  19. Ingmar says:

    I've upgraded a while ago (thought I'd get it over with) and while most of it seems to work reasonably well, one thing that pisses me off big time is how they fucked up the simple function of the space bar acting as play/pause button when iTunes is focused. It used to work like this: bring iTunes in the foreground, even with no window open and hit space - whatever is playing pauses or (re)starts. Now it works like that most of the time, except sometimes a toolbar button (mostly the rewind one) gets keyboard focus for no apparent reason and space triggers that button, so the song restarts instead of pausing, which is most annoying.

  20. A ribbon menu, they've now got a ribbon menu.
    and it's tiiiiiiiiny.

    ...or is that on windows alone?