Gee, thanks Twitter.

You no longer get to drink from the firehose. Morons have no longer invaded your screen saver.

Some time recently Twitter turned off the feeds of public twits. Turned them off entirely instead of just rate-limiting them or something. There's a new API to provide a "small random sample of public twits" but it requires authorization via an API key.


Suggestions for a public replacement URL to make be the default text-source in future releases of xscreensaver?

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  1. Roger says:

    The Let Me Google That For You folks have an HTML ticker at which is amusing - under the hood the data comes from Maybe they would be okay with you using that if asked?

  2. Ben Combee says:

    The Twitter Search API doesn't require an API key. See for docs, and here's a sample URL to fetch an ATOM feed of @TopTweets:

    • nandhp says:

      If that API is good, you could also try something like a OR an OR i OR ?. It seems like this should cover most tweets.

    • Pat Gunn says:

      Are the TopTweets as interesting as the random ones?

      On that note, I was trying to figure out if Tumblr has a "random recent tumbls" feed or API access anywhere, but while it seems to have a well-defined API, that random-recent option seems missing. Pity, because Tumblr might be the one service with even more insanity and drama than LJ ( @TumblrTXT is amazing!)

  3. James says:

    irc:// is the sum total of all human knowledge! That's the Recent Changes feed which is also available in Atom and rss, etc., but maybe that's too detailed to watch just scrolling by. The New Pages might work.

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