Exterminate All Rational Condiments. Long Live the New Fries.

Tonight I misheard someone and thought for a moment that there was a new local restaurant called "Cronenburger".

I thought I had died and gone to Eighties Body Horror Food Heaven.

Can you imagine what the utensils would have looked like?

We could finally answer the question, "What does Brundlefly put on his fries?"

"The bun is fine, it's the patty, the patty's all wrong!"

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6 Responses:

  1. Noah F says:

    I taste a business opportunity. You already own a restaurant. Just saying.

  2. The Dweller Under The Sink says:


  3. Jason! says:

    I'll have the filet-o-flesh, large flies, and hot nipple pie to go.

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