jwz mixtape 123

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 123.

This one demonstrates that music videos are the last stand of 80s Fantasy Movies.

By the way, wow is the new XX album boring. What the hell happened?? It's so disappointing it makes me angry!

Also it's probably time for me to accept that Placebo have moved into that Depeche Mode post-Violator part of their career where the new stuff makes me go, "Yeah, I guess that still kinda sounds like them" and then I immediately forget that it exists.

I hope Brooke Candy's 15 minutes are over real soon now.

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Facebook's privacy vote - what the email actually means

Unless 300 million people (a third of Facebook's users) vote `against' by Monday 8pm GMT, the networking giant will no longer allow users to vote on policy changes.

The move has caused concern among privacy groups, who say it's "impossible" for 300 million to vote in the time period, and that users are worried that their "voices will no longer be heard".

So far, the vote stands at less than half a million, but is around six to one against the new Statement of Rights and Data Usage Policy.

The wording of the vote itself is not a simple 'Yes' or 'No' -- to vote against, users have to select, `Existing Documents: The current SRR and Data Use Policy,' as opposed to `Proposed Documents: The proposed SRR and Data Use Policy'

The voting page is here.

I admit that I ignored this email when I first got it a couple of days ago, because I couldn't understand WTF they were asking me to vote on. "Do you like the 30 pages of contract-ese on the left, or on the right? Take several hours to study them! No, we don't provide a diff."

And now it's doing this repeatedly: Well played, Facebook. Well played.

Update: To the surprise of absolutely nobody: Facebook ignores 'minimal' user vote, adopts new privacy policy. "Yes, 668,872 people voted, and of those, 589,141 said they were opposed to the new documents. But Facebook confirmed today in a blog post that it had "decided to adopt the proposed updates" to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) and Data Use Policy. [...] If you've been following along, this means that Facebook will definitely discontinue votes of this kind."

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Today in Haunted Vagina news:

A functional ectopic vaginal anus: a rare clinical entity.

A case of functional ectopic vaginal anus is presented in a 20 years old girl. Patient complained of passage of stool through her vagina. She was continent and had no complaint of constipation. Her examination revealed imperforated anus with functional ectopic vaginal anus. Her surgery was performed in two stages. In first stage, anoplasty was performed at midpoint between the vulval and anal opening. The posterior vaginal wall was repaired in two layers and protective loop colostomy was made. In the second stage, after a period of 3 months loop colostomy was closed.

Update: PDF.

Previously, previously, previously.

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Previously, previously, previously.

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