Various computer entropy

  1. How come every few days I wake up to find my screen non-blanked, and have to do this:
      pmset -g assertions | grep PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep
    usually followed by this:
      sudo killall -HUP powerd

  2. How come this doesn't work any more? It now seems to behave as if the lock timeout is some random amount of time greater than 30 minutes but certainly less than 12 hours:
      defaults write askForPassword 1
      defaults write askForPasswordDelay -float 43200
    This is complicated by the fact that the System Preferences UI doesn't let you choose a number greater than 4 hours. However it's not merely maxing out there because I've seen it go into password-mode in as little as 30 minutes.

  3. How come NetNewsWire 3.3.2 now periodically gets stuck forever in "Refreshing..." (usually in "Processing downloaded article IDs"). Is NetNewsWire effectively orphaned now? Is there a better Mac desktop feed reader that syncs with Google Reader?

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  1. Sean says:

    Do you have remote access turned on (graphically-based a la ARD/VNC, etc)? if so, once that session is opened, the screen won't (well, may not, as it's only certain OS X versions that do it) blank until the session closes or the daemons restart. Very annoying side effect of VNC'inf into an OS X box of certain vintages. That may not be it, but it's a common cause of a non-sleeping-display.


      • Sean says:

        Hrm. I've also seen it when there's a safari (or other app) using any quicktime embedded content; the mac goes into 'you must be watching a movie' mode and won't sleep the display. :( Sorry I don't have a pure answer OTTOMH, just thought I'd offer a few possibles I've run across!

        • jwz says:

          If it was Safari, then I believe pmset would point the bone at Safari, not powerd, which it always does. (This is on a desktop iMac, not a laptop.)

  2. Mark says:

    Is there a better Mac desktop feed reader that syncs with Google Reader?

    "Better" might be overly generous, but a mostly-usable alternative is Gruml.

  3. Tape says:

    OS X Google Reader-syncing app: Reeder.

    also for iOS. also really great.

    • Howard says:

      Agreed, switched from NNW to Reeder a while ago and have not looked back.

    • I've been using reeder for iPhone and iPad for years, and it's always been great and never screwed up. I've been using OS X reeder for a few weeks and have been quite happy.

    • Rick O says:

      Yep, Reeder. The iPad version infuriates me for not having a right-handed UI, but the rest of it is fine.

  4. Jorm says:

    I swear by Reeder for news. It's got versions for all OS X, iPhone, and iPad. The iDevice ones are especially brilliant because the cache all the articles for offline reading.

    • jwz says:

      I use Reeder on iPhone and iPad, but when I first gave their desktop version a try, NNW seemed better. I guess I'll try it again.

      • Jorm says:

        It can be a bit sluggish when things have Flash, but then, everything else is sluggish with Flash, too.

      • phuzz says:

        I can only assume that you like making your eyes bleed.
        One of these days I'm going to get bored enough to write a style sheet so I can read this site without being in pain. Probably not today though.
        Oh well, your site, your choice of colours.

        • Jake Nelson says:

          Your response is more or less my response to any site that doesn't have a black background. I can take or leave the green (though I appreciate and approve of jwz's overall aesthetic and referencing with it), but black background is mandatory.

  5. Ricky says:

    You might try The Google Reader support is recent, and I don't use it myself, but I can attest to the the rest of it being good.

  6. I've not experienced that issue with NNW personally - I'm running 3.2.15.

  7. Juri Pakaste says:

    About NNW's orphan status: It might not be totally dead. Black Pixel owns it these days and they just came out with a beta of Kaleidoscope 2, so apparently they really are doing something with they apps they've bought. Maybe they'll do a new NNW release too, some day.

    I use Reeder.

  8. Shannon says:

    Computers have personalities, that's what I've deduced. Why does one computer like having his slave drive plugged into the primary SATA bay and other motherboards are just hunky dorey when it comes to following the rules?

  9. Shannon says:

    Why does one desktop like to run his slave drive plugged into the primary SATA bay, never in any of the other four slots, while other motherboards are just complacent enough to do what they're told? Computers have personalities, that's what I've deduced.