Shield Energy Critical

Every time I roll over one of these things I feel cheated that I didn't pick up mines or a speed boost or something.

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7 Responses:

  1. NB says:

    I miss that game. Looks like no port to a current platform besides the PlayStation Vita is forthcoming as the studio that made it was recently shut down.

    • C says:

      Is there anything that comes close to Wipeout in terms of flow, speed, music, and design?

      I recently picked up a PS2 at a garage sale and a Negcon controller on eBay so that I could play the game again. Sooo smoooooth.

    • jwz says:

      I have whatever PS3 version it is that came out in 2009-ish, and it's very faithful to the original. It's basically the same game with better graphics and not-as-good music.

  2. Boldra says:

    They give your user an extra life.

  3. Puzz says:

    Of interest: When I pasted this link into firefox some new "feature" of adblockplus kicked in and gave me this gem: "It seems you meant Do you want Adblock Plus to correct typos to protect you from malicious websites?"