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I am very proud to present the "MR-808" -- a mechanic replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808! I am the first one to transfer the electronic sounds of the most influential electronic drum computer TR-808 into the real world and make it highly playable for a musician!

For the installation MR-808 eleven sound of the 808 were replaced by mechanical actuators and physical tone-makers. I designed all instruments in reference to the famous sounds of the TR-808. A huge number of experiments were carried out since 2011 and a varity of instruments have been built. The instruments include: Snare, Bass drum, Hi-Hat, Carabassa, Clave, Ride, Clap, Tom (3x) and Cowbell. Motors and solenoids were used as actuators, which are triggered by a power electronic device and an Arduino Microcontroller. The musical control is realized with MIDI, the latency and the lighting control system are implemented in MAX / MSP.

Also: The Perfect Clap.

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3 Responses:

  1. All it needs is for someone to make an electronic version using samples of this to complete the circle.

  2. nooj says:

    Holy shit! True beauty.

  3. skreidle says:

    See also: Monkey Drummer. (mpegs, perversions)

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