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Dear Lazyweb, anyone got a working way to import old Disqus comments into WordPress? Presumably by converting the Disqus XML export format to the WordPress XML import format.

Note that this plugin is for some ancient version of Disqus and doesn't work.

Update: The answer appears to be "no", so I hacked it out mostly by hand. I did not come up with a more general solution, sorry.

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  1. brasofilo says:

    What's not clear is the ages you're talking about... What is the relation between "old Disqus" and "ancient Disqus"?
    What doesn't work with the plugin? Any error messages? A sample file or at least header and basic structure would be helpful.
    Via: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/q/73244/12615

    • jwz says:

      Well... if you get a Disqus export of your comments today that plugin errors out today because the first thing it checks for is the string "count_entries" in the XML which does not exist in what Disqus exports, so clearly it's expecting a different file format.

      In other words: A) spoken like someone who hasn't actually tried it, and B) that post is in fact a forward of this one.

      • brasofilo says:

        Sorry if I wasn't clear, I arrived here via WPSE, and as Jeff is reposting your issue, I thought it'd be better to clear some doubts with you directly.

  2. hubs says:

    I don't use Disqus so I'm no expert (I use Social, a very robust commenting plugin) but my understanding is The Disqus WordPress plugin includes a sync feature which will sync your comments from Disqus back to your WordPress installation. It can be located on the Advanced Options tab inside the plugin.

    Also, this may be of interest:

  3. Mike Hoye says:

    I'm also just here to google the keywords from your question and pretend I'm being useful.

    Should I take a number or something? Is there a queue?

  4. Daniel Ha says:

    Hey Jamie, I'm from Disqus. The current WP-Disqus plugin should do the syncing-back-to-WP that you're looking for.

    Happy to help if you shoot me a note to daniel@disqus.com.