Is this Cyberpunk? I guess it might be: ubiquitous technology that doesn't work. This giant TV screen on the side of Moscone has been running a halfassed implementation of "Mismunch" since about a month after it went up. Why do they even leave it powered up? Maybe nobody remembers how to turn it off.

When it first went up, they played this panoramic movie on it that was timed so that as the sign crawled its way around the building, it looked like the video was a stationary window into a room full of giants. Stock-photo-model-businessman giants. It was kind of cool.

Ever since then: ten years of Munching Squares.

A new life awaits you in the Moscone Colonies! Press any key to continue.

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8 Responses:

  1. bode says:

    For some reason youtube thinks I'm having a heart attack. I have no idea what that has to do with munching squares but it's pretty funny.

  2. A ten-year long installation art piece commentary on the futility of modern life?

  3. I bet it has Linux on it. All large led screens have Linux on them.

  4. Andy says:

    The page you linked implies it's owned by the SF Arts Commission, so nobody else has the authority to turn it off. The Arts Commission is ... not the most effective of local government agencies, so I'm not surprised nobody's fixed the broken video robot. That would cost money, after all.

    • James says:

      Circulate a petition to run something else? I recommend nodejsdb because they have a nice color scheme and I still believe that SQL can get rescued with e.g. Perl's data flow analysis for preventing security flaws (yes, I trust a robot written by people from the Paper Era to protect me from security flaws.) Actually I have no idea what the situation is with quoting strings to protect them from being used somewhere someone doesn't want them to be run in node.js.


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