Appropriate this.

Hey guys, Halloween is over, isn't it about time that the Facetwits no longer be filled with Sensitive Wealthy White Folk patting themselves on the back about how they would never "appropriate" another "culture"?

It's not "appropriation" if you nod sagely at the right times, right?

And you totally get Dia de los Muertos, I'm sure. Not like those other assholes.

Q: What's another word for Cultural Appropriation?
A: Culture.

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6 Responses:

  1. Roger Braun says:

    You don't know what you're talking about. I was so offended when I lived in Japan and they had western style marriage ceremonies, without even being christian! Damn appropriators.

  2. When some talks about revolvers, I reach for my culture.

    Wait, something like that.

    Yeah, I'm really sick of the use of holier than other white-folks talkings-to about this. So much easier than, you know, not actually being an exploitive asshole. (Hint: Guatemalan baskets bought in a shop on Valencia don't mix well with it. Try some expensive mescal from that shop you like in Pacific Heights - it has a very subtle aromatic interplay with SHUTUP.)

  3. Dismal Jemmy says:

    Agreed. But culture (big or small C) is nothing more nor less than "nodding sagely at the right times", as well.

  4. Thankfulky(?) I have NFI what you lot are talking about.

  5. I always start laughing when people start talking about "whites appropriating culture" during Halloween. Usually somewhere between the whiteous indignation of "sugar skull" make up, and the new fad of dressing up like slutty animals during the Samhain season.