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Hey guys, Groupon is having a 90%-off sale on their stock price!

I believe the Germans have a word for this feeling.

Groupon, the online deals site that was once the darling of both Wall Street and the Chicago tech scene, continues to stumble. On Monday morning, its stock price fell another five percent -- and that came after a 30 percent drop on Friday. The stock has now lost 90 percent of its value since its initial public offering last year.

Groupon is a great way to cannibalize your business by giving away your product for free without ever turning those customers into non-discounted repeat business. Couldn't happen to a nicer company that is not named "Yelp".

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Appropriate this.

Hey guys, Halloween is over, isn't it about time that the Facetwits no longer be filled with Sensitive Wealthy White Folk patting themselves on the back about how they would never "appropriate" another "culture"?

It's not "appropriation" if you nod sagely at the right times, right?

And you totally get Dia de los Muertos, I'm sure. Not like those other assholes.

Q: What's another word for Cultural Appropriation?
A: Culture.

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10.8 and AC3 MKV

Is there a fix yet for the bug that Movist, Quicktime, etc. can't play audio in AC3 MKV files on 10.8, even with perma-orphaned Perian installed?

Stop your knee from jerking, because "Use VLC" is unacceptable; my workaround of "have a cron job to recode everything to AAC MP4 before watching it" is superior to using that piece of Linux perma-shit.

That workaround would be less annoying if HandbrakeCLI didn't peg all 8 of my cores when transcoding, even when niced.

Update: Every single one of you who chose to interpret "do not suggest VLC" as your cue to engage in banter about VLC has been added to my killfile.

So thanks for that. It's good to get that out of the way and know that I can preemptively ignore you in the future.

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