Q: What's another word for "Genetic Modification"?
A: "Agriculture".

We've been doing it for about 10,000 years.

Let's take it as a given that Monsanto are evil bastards who do not have your best interests at heart -- they are a corporation after all, so that's a tautology.

However, people who are against genetic modification of our food sources are basically using the same arguments as the anti-vaxxers. It's anti-science magical thinking.

If you're wealthy enough that you can afford the artisanal, bespoke grapes with the seeds and bugs left in, enjoy them.

but if you want all our food to be constructed using pre-Paleolithic methods, get ready for a die-off on the order of 6.5 billion people, because without the optimization of agriculture, that's around the planet's carrying capacity.

Prop 37 was stupid. It was full of loopholes and solved no real-world problems. It might as well have said, "this is a non-binding resolution that Monsanto Bad!" Which they are. But that's not the point.

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Stop telling people to vote.

"You have to vote! It doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote!"

Fuck you. Stop saying this. It does matter who you vote for, and if you don't have an informed opinion about it, you should stay out of the game.

If someone hasn't taken the time to become informed, your petulant platitudes are not going to change that. All that you will accomplish is having another uninformed voter making an uninformed decision that will just as likely end up being against their and your best interests.

Corrolary: You should vote "NO" on every Proposition unless you actually know what the fuck you're talking about. The California Proposition system is asinine, and the way to do least harm is to reject by default.

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Magnet Wars, part 2

Buckyballs surrender:

You've heard about our ongoing battle with the CPSC. Due to their baseless and relentless legal badgering, we've sadly decided to stop production of Buckyballs and Buckycubes.

We still have a few thousand sets in stock, but once we sell through those, they're gone for good.

Also they're still being sued by the Buckminster Fuller estate:

Maxfield & Oberton moved to dismiss all causes of action, claiming among other things that Buckyballs are named after a carbon molecule, not Buckminster Fuller. In 1985, scientists named a newly discovered molecule Buckminsterfullerene after its resemblance to a geodesic dome. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh held a hearing on the issue last week and upheld most claims Monday.


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Industry & Empire + The Humping Pact

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Facebook Gallery Hate

Dear Lazyweb, how do I get the URLs of all of the photos in a Facebook gallery?

I have this script, galdown, that is capable of bulk-downloading galleries from Facebook, Flickr, etc. However, a couple of months ago, Facebook broke: now it will only download the first 28 images in a gallery, because they changed their galleries to use that bullshit "we only load the images after you've scrolled the mouse to the bottom of the screen" trick that is so popular with the web-breaking microcephalics these days.

How do I find the URLs of photos 29 and later?

I haven't found a user-agent that makes a difference. Adding &_fb_noscript=1 to the URL seems to do nothing. I can't even tell what URL it's loading to get (the presumably JSON list of) the remainder of the images.

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1994 called

(I wish this picture had an old-timey sepia filter on it.)

I see Instagram has finally discovered this whole "World Wide Web" thing. Welcome to The Nineties, guys!

Maybe someday we can welcome them to the Twenty-First Century when they finally discover RSS.

At that point, their service might be rise above "utterly irrelevant and undiscoverable from the world in which I live."

But hey, that whole "walled garden" approach worked out pretty well for industry titans like Compuserve and AOL! I hear they have exclusive content from Soundgarden!

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