I hope PopSci continues reviewing this show.

There's no chance I would ever watch the show, but I will continue to read the reviews!

Thank You, Bravo, For 'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley'

Sarah Austin is like iJustine or one of those other people (they are all bland pretty blonde ladies but it seems uncouth and maybe sexist to say "one of those bland pretty blonde ladies" so I'm saying "people") who just takes video of themselves and puts the video online and learns the word "innovation" and how to make portmanteaus, but not the word "portmanteau," and invents a portmanteau like "lifecasting" and proceeds to do that. At one point she mentions how much she charges for a tweet. It's more than I charge for a tweet. At another point she calls Silicon Valley "a 20th-century gold rush," which is actually a very accurate thing to say, because it is a desperate movement to extract money and run and also lots of people will be eaten by mountain lions in the hills of California. [...]

Here's what their site says: "We combine market intelligence with data-driven analytics to convert clicks into high-value customers." That is startup-speak for "we do not really do much of anything but we have exposed brick in our office." [...]

The Brits threw a party, which was toga-themed, because there is only one type of themed party. "Nobody goes out clubbing here," says Lady Brit, "it's all about costume parties at people's houses in the startup world." Then their worthless app gets rejected. The teasers for the next episode indicate they will be rejected several more times.


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Mechanical 808

Sonic Robots:

I am very proud to present the "MR-808" -- a mechanic replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808! I am the first one to transfer the electronic sounds of the most influential electronic drum computer TR-808 into the real world and make it highly playable for a musician!

For the installation MR-808 eleven sound of the 808 were replaced by mechanical actuators and physical tone-makers. I designed all instruments in reference to the famous sounds of the TR-808. A huge number of experiments were carried out since 2011 and a varity of instruments have been built. The instruments include: Snare, Bass drum, Hi-Hat, Carabassa, Clave, Ride, Clap, Tom (3x) and Cowbell. Motors and solenoids were used as actuators, which are triggered by a power electronic device and an Arduino Microcontroller. The musical control is realized with MIDI, the latency and the lighting control system are implemented in MAX / MSP.

Also: The Perfect Clap.

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Is this Cyberpunk? I guess it might be: ubiquitous technology that doesn't work. This giant TV screen on the side of Moscone has been running a halfassed implementation of "Mismunch" since about a month after it went up. Why do they even leave it powered up? Maybe nobody remembers how to turn it off.

When it first went up, they played this panoramic movie on it that was timed so that as the sign crawled its way around the building, it looked like the video was a stationary window into a room full of giants. Stock-photo-model-businessman giants. It was kind of cool.

Ever since then: ten years of Munching Squares.

A new life awaits you in the Moscone Colonies! Press any key to continue.

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