Today in "Nature Wants to Kill You" news

I am really enjoying the "Things I Learned as a Field Biologist" blog.

4. Don't let the doctor jab a needle into said burn zone to "probe the area"... it will only break the final barrier keeping the hookworms from your bloodstream and completing their nefarious life cycle by maturing in your lungs, growing large enough to make you cough them up, and subsequently swallow them so that they may hold an egg-laying bacchanal in your digestive tract.
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  1. solarbird says:

    I am never going outside again.

  2. erinn says:

    Oh my fucking god.

  3. phuzz says:

    From the linked article:
    "3) While cleaning the trail with your machete. DO NOT INSTINCTIVELY SWAT IT AWAY WITH YOUR MACHETE.
    1 sting. On the upper lip. And a really close call with that machete, you ass."

    Yup, a friend of mine was picking bananas in Australia, when a large spider dropped onto his friends arm, who immediately tried to shake it off.
    Unfortunately that was the hand holding the machete and he sliced into my mates arm down to the bone.
    He still went back to the job, despite that, two other spider bites, and having his feet stained brown from the bananas. Trooper.

    • Alex says:

      When I did that job, we had a big ugly flat-faced dog that looked like he had three ears. why? he ducked in to chew a chunk of banana tree and someone didn't see him, too much backswing, and a nice flap of skin sliced off the hound.

      (Regarding the spiders, you had to watch out for the ones that strung webs between the trees, but that was the basic level. Advanced was being aware of the ones that hid in the bunches to scrabble out while you were toting the god-knows-how-many kg bunch back to the trailer. pro tip: don't let the spider dread induce you to do anything sudden, as the spider might be poisonous and might bite, but the bunch will do you an injury if you're not careful handling it. obviously serenity is difficult to achieve with something weighing like a dead body on the shoulder and deadly arachnids running down your neck while hillbillies with cane knives and dogs watch, but hey, it's a man's job.)

  4. nooj says:

    What was that DNA testing blog you used to link to?

  5. Leolo says:

    Video sorta related: Bite Me - Brazil