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  1. Barry Kelly says:

    I'm sure something clever could be done with the progressive JPEG (perhaps rate controlled from the server) showing off some interlacing effects.

    • jwz says:

      Well I made it interlaced, as that was a Moral Imperative. Making it be a slow anim-gif would be funnier but less accurate.

      • Barry Kelly says:

        Heh - I did wonder about that, right-clicked the image to load the link in another browser so I could see the effect again (cold cache, lazy hands), but it didn't show (since source wasn't).

  2. Zygo says:

    You could buy it with just VHF, then upgrade the tuner later for UHF? These guys didn't understand planned obsolescence at all.

    • gryazi says:

      I'm pretty sure that $339.95 bought you two Buicks and a chicken back then, so yeah, probably didn't want to waste the tube. (See also: HDMI ports on modern gigantic plasma sets appearing before there were any actual HDMI devices to use with them.)

      I wonder what this 'miracle interlace' technology was, though, so now I'll be Googling like a crazed hamster to find out.

      • captain18 says:

        An entry level Buick Special in 1950 was about $1900, going up above $4000 if you wanted a well-equipped Roadmaster -- $4000 also being approximately a year's salary based on median household income. Given there were only a handful of UHF stations at first and the majority of these started out in areas underserved by the big-city VHF market, if you lived in NY or Chicago in 1952 you weren't going to watch any UHF stations anyway.

        So making the UHF tuner optional is probably what kept the unit competitive and affordable (relatively speaking).

  3. Teclo says:

    I once had a monitor that went a bit screwy and would only display one field of interlace images.. I was a student at the time and couldn't afford to buy another one so had to endure a couple of months of strangely blocky text and graphics.