Softball-sized eyeball washes up on Florida beach

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  1. Josh says:

    My second thought would be that an eyeball for a colossus would be about the size of a basketball. Third thought "Maybe bigger". Forth thought "about the size of a laser printer?"

  2. Jon says:

    "Agency spokeswoman Carli Segelson says the eyeball likely came from a marine animal, since it was found on a beach. Possible candidates include a giant squid, a whale or some type of large fish."

    So it's no crab eyeball. Thanks for the clarification.

    • James C. says:

      I thought that squid eyes were like octopus eyes in that they have a w-shaped pupil. If so then squids would have to be excluded.

      It’s a very pretty blue.

    • Alden says:

      They missed Cthulhu out of their list for some reason. I hope they correct this oversight.

  3. gths says:

    When I first heard "giant eyeball", I was expecting it to be the size of a man. I was disappointed. Well, not that disappointed, that's still pretty awesome.

  4. My first thought was "wow, that really fits neatly into your existing set of tags." My second thought was "you've probably got enough data at this point that you could feed it into some kind of classifier and automatically find new things on the Internet you would like."

  5. MattF says:

    My guess is that the eyeball is the whole organism... and... it's alive.

  6. steve says:


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