Oakland chief filtered out Occupy e-mail

Occupy my spam folder, you hippies:

People who've e-mailed Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan over the past year about Occupy Oakland probably didn't get much of a response.

That's because he used a spam filter to dismiss messages sent to him with "Occupy Oakland" in the subject line, according to a federal court filing Monday. Same goes for the phrases "stop the excessive police force," "respect the press pass" or "police brutality." Instead of landing in his in-box, those messages went straight into his junk mail folder, which he apparently never looked at.

Because of those filters, Jordan missed e-mails from other city officials and a federal court monitor, who oversees the department's compliance with court-ordered reforms stemming from a police abuse scandal.

Robert Warshaw, the monitor, had sent Jordan an e-mail with the subject line "Disciplinary Actions-Occupy Oakland." Jordan told the court on Oct. 18 that he never saw those e-mails, infuriating Thelton Henderson, the federal judge in San Francisco who appointed Warshaw.

Henderson will hear arguments in December about whether to place the Police Department into the hands of a federal receiver, which Oakland officials believe is unprecedented. Henderson was perplexed as to why Jordan could be missing such vital messages and on Oct. 18 ordered the city to investigate. [...]

"It was never my intention to ignore the monitor," Jordan said in his declaration.

"I only intended to ignore the public!"

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6 Responses:

  1. nooj says:

    Oakland PD are always the bastards, aren't they? They're the ones that get called in to do the "dirty work" in the surrounding regions--work which, in my opinion, never needed to be done. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is why they have so many scandals. Or maybe they were meatheads first, and the scandals followed.

    I hope they get slapped by this judge and shaken into line.

    Doesn't the Chief of Police have someone who goes through his inbox, tallies up the emails on the various issues, and presents him with a summary? Or would that show too much competence?

  2. Mike Hoye says:

    Or would that show too much competence?

    Too much documentation, or too many witnesses.

  3. Ben says:

    I Oakland the anus of California? I only lived in CA for about three years, and it was down in the Mojave, but I've never heard positive news of Oakland. Even with all the douches Orange County seems nicer.