Movable tiles and projection mapping

Did you notice the dead pixel? I noticed.

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9 Responses:

  1. Craig says:

    Dead pixels.

  2. I mostly noticed the kid not shutting the fuck up.

  3. I mostly noticed that you have to sit at the far edge to even notice that the screen was moving around by six inches or so. How is that supposed to enhance the video in any way?

  4. volk007 says:

    At least two.

    • solarbird says:

      I had to block the one on the left because it was SO GODDAMN DISTRACTING.

      The best part - seriously - were the test patterns at the beginning. Those were cool. The rest was entirely "whateves, why I am watching a car commercial?" But the test sequence at the front was awesome.

  5. J. Peterson says:

    XScreenSaver port? (assuming, of course, that they fix the dead pixels first).

  6. ardgedee says:

    I was wondering how the tiles at the corners of the room would move without having to worry about collisions. Turns out that mostly they don't move. So arguably there are whole columns of dead pixels.

  7. Do you think each face could have lenticular slats on them? Or three colour OLEDs? Because I think between all of these, we could probably kill a few audience members.

  8. Hex says:

    Here's our car! Driving across the Arctic! Which you are helping to MELT BY DRIVING A CAR.

    Fuck you, Hyundai. Fuck you.

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