Modern Primitives

3d-printed handles for your stone tools.

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  1. rachel says:

    so i like the aesthetics of this idea, unfortunately knapped blades change constantly - as they are used, the cutting edges are worn away and they have to be constantly reknapped and sharpened. So any realistic holder needs to be somehow configurable to these new and changing shapes. The one on the lower left looks like it has some potential , but the ones that match the contours of the blade so exactly just look shortsighted. If it's just like "a statement", or "for art" or whatever, boooring.

    • Nick says:

      That's disappointing that this isn't a realistic stone tool holder because at first glance I really thought this would be a good solution for my stone tool holding needs.

      said no one...


      • rachel says:

        i just like my art to have some consideration behind it. If you're going to go to all the trouble of producing something like this, why not make it look like you put more than 5 seconds of thought into it? If you're not willing to research it, it's just sophomoric. "You know what would be AWESOME?? If i, like, made some 3D printed holders for really old caveman tools. Doooood, it's like, the stone age meets the fuuuuture. Rad. bong hit?"

        • jwz says:

          So, you'd rather they put 5 or 6 bong hits into it instead of just the one. Sure, why not.

        • Edouard says:

          Has anyone ever said the phrase "you're overthinking it" around you? I know it sounded like an odd thing to for someone to randomly say, but perhaps you might care to entertain that they were actually making a considered and directed comment.

        • reboots says:

          Your tone is offputting, and your dismissal of artistic statement as boring is depressing. But after your interesting technical criticism, these knives are equally as dumb as steampunk to me. Thanks a lot.

          Relatively few people out of the total population understand the technology they use. We don't have to make knives, they come conveniently prepackaged. Cars and cellphones are equally mysterious. When everyday life is a landscape of mystical talismans, why not mash them together to create something novel and fun? Cargo-cult art is still totally valid art. A large part of this project's appeal stems from its appearance as a functional set of tools, and I agree it'd be cooler if that were actually the case.

          • gryazi says:

            When the blade wears you just stick the handle back in the replicator and melt out another one that conforms to the new shape. I mean, duh.

          • nooj says:

            I think you'll just have to forgive him for not practicing with a stone blade before making those handles. Especially at first, it involves a lot of bone-deep slices into your hand on those jagged, razor sharp edges.

    • uep says:

      Or just print a new one each time ..