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I think that one of the Dixie-cups-on-a-string that comprises Metreon's wifi uplink has a hole in it. Or perhaps the Avian Carriers have died. It's cool seeing images load a scan line at a time, though. I can almost hear the modem noises.


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  1. Magnus Falk says:

    Heh, kindof telling that it doesn't even go above 20 Mbit/s. Even LTE's faster than that!

    • skreidle says:

      20Mbps is faster than just about any home connection..

      jwz, what do you use for speed-testing?

      • jwz says:

        And yet, I'm getting 24.9 Mbps at home at this very moment, with sonic.net DSL (on the same iPad). Metreon's anemic wifi was giving me 0.03 Mbps = 30 Kbps, which is half what you'd have gotten from dialup in 1997.

      • Nick Lamb says:

        Just about any home connection from last century, yes. But this is 2012, there are constantly TV adverts in my country advertising 40Mbps and even 100Mbps home broadband as the new normal. Right now probably only 20-30% or so of the population here could buy that, and fewer than 5% actually do, but it's changing. I remember when people scoffed at the idea that your parents might choose DSL. What were they going to do with it, download email really fast? But sure enough, everybody's parents got DSL and discovered videos of kittens.

    • skreidle says:

      Also, 4G LTE speeds vary widely between carriers, and only AT&T's even peaks over 20 -- some don't even reach 5!

  2. bottyguy says:

    Maybe you should use be using a Decwriter IV instead: http://comley.us/images/decwriter-iv-1.jpg Metreon's wifi blazingly would be fast in 1980. Ah the memories. ASCII images are the best.

  3. skreidle says:

    What service or utility are you using for speed testing?

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