Also presumably not a flotation device

I got a new jacket the other day, and the care instructions included "don't get it wet" and "keep out of sunlight". No mention of feeding it after midnight, however.
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  1. Jeff says:

    Since "it's raining" and "the sun is burning me" are the only two use-cases I can think of where a jacket would be required in your city, I have to ask for more specifics regarding this not-robust-sounding garment.

    • jwz says:

      "Have fun always carrying a light sweater."

      • Jeff says:

        Huh. I was unaware of the possibility of actual chilliness in SF Bay. My mental picture of SF is like Miami, but with less palm trees and more iPhones. The More You Know!

        • jwz says:

          Contrary to popular belief, SF and LA are different places that are not actually anywhere near each other.

        • nooj says:

          The Pacific is 50-60 degrees by SF year round, and every evening around 4:30 or 5, the fog rolls in. My advisor, who was at Stanford for a while, still carries a light sweater everywhere! XD

        • "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" - not Mark Twain

        • Ian Young says:

          You may find yourself in San Francisco, on the north shore, walking around all afternoon in a T-shirt, because it's 72, then wander over to the west end of Golden Gate Park to watch the sun go down.

          After which point it will become 47 degrees, and you will begin to fear death, and ice weasels.

          It is a city where you can go to the Folsom Street Fair, and see a naked man quietly jerking off at a stall, but you can't smoke at a bar.

          It's a study in contrasts.

          • Lun Esex says:

            "Ok, so, tell me again about the hash bars nudity and lewdness at Folsom Street Fair."
            "Ok whatcha wanna know?"

            Q: Can I be nude at Up Your Alley or at the Folsom Street Fair?
            A: There is no Federal law against nudity but neither is it a guaranteed right. This means that state, county and local laws can take precedence. Nudity, per se, is not a crime in California unless a person is lewd.

            "So, what's the policy on lewd behavior?"

            Folsom Street Events encourages all fairgoers to express behavior that is safe and within the law.
            Lewd acts will be disrupted by our security volunteers who reinforce this message for anyone found on the fairgrounds to be in violation of our policy.

            At the suggestion of SFPD, we have implemented a more aggressive graduated policy for violators of the lewdness policy.

            "But, get a load of this, alright:"

            Step 1: [Is just a] Verbal warning
            Step 2: [Is a] Reminder
            Step 3: [Finally, is] Turn over to SFPD
            SFPD will be called to assist and requested to cite the fairgoer who has violated the lewdness policy.

            (Blockquotes from Other quotes cribbed from you-know-where.)

            All followed, of course, by:

            "Bring out the gimp."

  2. Brian B says:

    I bought a baseball a while back, and the packaging carried the warning, "For recreational use only."

    • Teclo says:

      I'm glad this bag of mixed nuts had a warning that it contains both peanuts and nuts!

      • Cody says:

        Peanuts ain't tree nuts. Folks can be allergic to one and not the other.

      • Leolo says:

        Precision on other poster: peanuts are a legume, nuts are either a fruit or the seed of a fruit.

      • Eric TF Bat says:

        When you're in the supermarket, skimming through the confectionery aisle trying to find something to bring to a birthday party for an insanely allergic child, you welcome this kind of redundancy.

  3. Vladimir says:

    I'd think it prudent to shoot a silver bullet through it before wearing. Safety first!