Insert obvious Skynet gag here

Seems legit:

As the pace of drone operations has intensified in Djibouti, Air Force mechanics have reported mysterious incidents in which the airborne robots went haywire.

In March 2011, a Predator parked at the camp started its engine without any human direction, even though the ignition had been turned off and the fuel lines closed. Technicians concluded that a software bug had infected the "brains" of the drone, but never pinpointed the problem.

"After that whole starting-itself incident, we were fairly wary of the aircraft and watched it pretty closely," an unnamed Air Force squadron commander testified to an investigative board, according to a transcript. "Right now, I still think the software is not good."

Ya think???

The last moments of Predator #07-3249:

23:15:34- SENSOR -- Dude, look at this camera. Seriously, I can't do anything. There's nothing I can do. I just nuked it.
23:15:44- PILOT -- Yeah, see what you can get working and I'll plan on landing on this for now.
23:15:47- SENSOR -- There's seriously like something... This camera is completely [expletive].
23:16:41- SENSOR -- Did he say, "Cleared to land"?
23:16:42- PILOT - Yeah
23:16:44- SENSOR -- Ok. Checklist complete, links are set up, autopilots disengaged, cleared to land, try to mess with this picture.
23:17:01- SENSOR -- Yeah dude, I literally have.... No picture right now. This camera's like, completely messed up.
23:17:16- SENSOR -- Can you land on that?
23:17:17- PILOT -- Uh, I'm going around if I can't see it.
23:17:21- SENSOR -- What altitude are we at right now?
23:17:23- PILOT -- Oh
23:17:27- PILOT -- That was the ground
23:17:27- PILOT -- That was the ground.


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CSS z-index and float lossage

Dear Lazyweb,

Can someone please tell me what CSS magic I need to do to make the links over on the right side of this page be clickable? (The "2006 Best of the Bay" stuff.) I thought that setting z-order:1 on .event_awards should do it but that seems to be ignored, and all of .event_blurb (the leftmost column) overlaps it as far as clicks are concerned.

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The latest Facebook "Pages" debacle

I see a lot of bitching about how Facebook has broken posts from Pages and is running some new shakedown trying to get people to buy sponsored posts, but so far none from people who strike me as really knowing what they're talking about.

Who has the facts? What precisely have they changed?

Yes, I have seen the "Dangerous Minds" thing. It's long on rant and short on supporting documentary evidence. (Very, very, very long on rant.)

It's been true for a long time (a year? two?) that if you go to the Facebook web site and don't immediately select "Sort / Most Recent", then you don't see shit. It's not clear to me that what people are complaining about is any different than this years-old situation that "Sort / Top Stories" sucks.

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The Toughest Bridge in the World

Nom nom nom

They are not raising it because the Norfolk Southern Railroad doesn't care: it's their bridge and the only thing they want is to guarantee the safety of their trains. "As far as they are concerned, they solved that problem by installing the crash beam," 11foot8 says. Any potential solution -- like raising the bridge or lowering the road -- is too expensive to be worth it.

The city of Durham installed warning sings along the three blocks that precede the bridge, but the imbeciles still keep ramming into it once every month on average.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein Booootie has sold out already!

Wow, we've already sold out all of the general admission tickets for Booootie tomorrow! (There are two VIP booths still available, but those will go soon.)

We will have some tickets available at the door, but you'd better finish up that costume and get here early!

Tickets are still available for tonight's Trannyshack Halloween party, and our fourteen DJ, four room Epic Halloween of Epicness on Wednesday, but those too are going fast...

See you tonight!