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I think that one of the Dixie-cups-on-a-string that comprises Metreon's wifi uplink has a hole in it. Or perhaps the Avian Carriers have died. It's cool seeing images load a scan line at a time, though. I can almost hear the modem noises.


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Apparently the only thing that the Metreon Tardis Target did not import from the suburbs was the world's largest supply of Halloween-themed boxer shorts. They have none. None!

Target, I am disappoint.

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mark your calendars

November is not shaping up to be quite as packed as October was, but here's what I've got. What have you got?

Please note that choosing to be anywhere other than DNA Lounge for your Halloween festivities would be a grievous error.

Wed, Oct 24:   Rasputina @ Great American Music Hall
Thu, Oct 25:   Light Asylum @ Popscream
Fri, Oct 26:   Ume @ Independent
Fri, Oct 26:   Trannyshack: Halloween @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Oct 27:   Booootie @ DNA Lounge & Above DNA
Sat, Oct 27:   Asteroids Galaxy Tour @ Fillmore
Wed, Oct 31:   All Hallow's Eve @ DNA Lounge & Above DNA
Thu, Nov 01:   Storm Large @ Red Devil Lounge
Fri, Nov 02:   Twitch @ Above DNA
Wed, Nov 07:   A Place to Bury Strangers, Bleeding Rainbow @ Independent
Thu, Nov 08:   The Phenomenauts @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Nov 09:   Mortified @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Nov 10:   Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ Great American Music Hall
Fri, Nov 16:   Drop the Lime @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Nov 17:   The Faint, Casket Girls @ Regency
Thu, Nov 22:   A Dark Sparkle Thanksgiving @ Cafe Du Nord
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