Modern Primitives

3d-printed handles for your stone tools.

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True Skin

The story's weak, but most of the effects are nice.

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The XX

So then my phone died, so this crap is all I have with which to say to you "The XX is a band you should care about very much indeed."

But I will relate that I had this conversation with literally four different strangers at this show:

Me: "The XX!"
Them: "My favorite band!"
Me: "Massive Attack!"
Them: "Who?"
Me: "...Tricky?"
Them: "Who?"
Me: [ wild gesticulation ] PLEASE PROMISE ME YOU WILL GOOGLE THESE WORDS [ wild gesticulation ]
Them: [ Ok yeah nod and smile and back away slowly ]

You kids. What is this I don't even.

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Well OK, that time I saw them in a tiny basement from five feet away with only a hundred other people, that was better, but even though I was pretty far back this time it was still fucking transcendent.

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Best Coast

I keep saying, these shoes aren't going to gaze themselves.

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