"Marketing fuels the world. It is as American as apple pie."

The Do Not Track standard has crossed into crazy territory

The representative to the W3C working group from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) proposed this change the other day to the Tracking Definitions and Compliance section of the DNT standard:

Marketing should be added to the list of "Permitted Uses for Third Parties and Service Providers" in Section 6.1 of the Tracking Definitions and Compliance Document. Via email, two other members of the working group expressed confusion. One asked, "What do you mean by marketing? What would be permitted?" Another said, "I don't follow."

(This is how polite people in standards groups say "WTF?")

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Also presumably not a flotation device

I got a new jacket the other day, and the care instructions included "don't get it wet" and "keep out of sunlight". No mention of feeding it after midnight, however.
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A hive of scum and villainy

The guy sitting next to me at a cafe: "What we're really good at is making things go viral" blah blah "Vitamin Water" blah blah "beyond the twentysomethings" blah blah "sick placements".

I have to go now.


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AppleScript iCal

Dear Lazyweb, is there a way to nuke the "Organizer" field from an iCal event from AppleScript?

If I export an event from Facebook as an .ics file that is then imported into iCal, it has an "Organizer", which iCal interprets as, "I should not let you edit the summary text of this event in your own calendar."

I have on occasion been able to make these events editable by copying them and then deleting the original, but I'm not entirely sure how: most of the time I get stuck in a dialog asking me to "send invitations" that won't go away and I have to force-quit iCal.

Update: I don't see a way to fix the events that are already imported into iCal, but here's a way to fix new events at the time at which they are imported: ics-handler.scpt.

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A continuous version of Conway's Life, using floating point values instead of integers:

supports many interesting phenomena such as gliders that can travel in any direction, rotating pairs of gliders, wickstretchers and the appearance of elastic tension in the 'cords' that join the blobs.

Slides showing how the rule works. Paper describing SmoothLife and SmoothLifeL.


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Today in brogrammer news

Nerds Gone Wild: The Day San Francisco Died

Previously, previously.

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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