You have a nice day too, Sir

As the guy swung his door wide into the bike lane and I swerved around it and yelled "HEY!", can you guess what the guy's retort was?

That's right:

"Fuck you!"


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11 Responses:

  1. That's clearly SMIDGAF (as opposed to SMIDSY)

  2. aczarnowski says:

    In my part of the world cars typically slide over so they don't squash the guy getting out. Probably as a reaction to cars always loosing the car/ped collision public opinion poll and peds taking their time because they don't want to die. Why should this play out differently for bikes?

    Maybe because the guy getting out won't die so they don't care so they aren't signalling like they might for a car?

    FWIW, I'm also a commuting bike rider. I play by traffic rules because doing otherwise is jackassery.

  3. J. Peterson says:

    Time to escalate to a handlebar mounted RPG launcher.

    "Self defense, your honor..."

  4. Dan L says:

    Carry a squirt gun.

  5. LafinJack says:

    I've slashed tires for less than that. Usually asshole parkers.

  6. BlahSnarto says:

    Ive been doored a couple of times when i was a bike messenger (unavoidable circumstances), one of the times the lady was emptying out her ashtray :| ... ..

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