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Employee accused of driving bulldozer into Humble building

Police say more than $1 million in damage at a Humble business was caused by a disgruntled employee in a bulldozer. They say the angry man hopped in the bulldozer and went on a rampage at Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers.

The windows are shattered, the ceiling is collapsing and smack in the middle of the destruction, you can still see the bulldozer police say a worker used to destroy an office building.

"He turned right into the building," said Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers vice president Frank Wilson. "This is our registration area, came through, hit a couple of the beams." "This happened about two hours after the facility closed."


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4 Responses:

  1. brianvan says:

    So the killdozer backlash is just right around the corner, then?

    • nooj says:

      We can only hope that they are biding their time while they practice the getaway. Unlike the Batmobile, real-life killdozers never seem to stay mobile long enough to go back into hiding.

  2. J. Peterson says:

    No video? Somebody needs to alert GoPro to the emerging killdozer market.

  3. Gary K says:

    Damn. Thought this was going to be about the band Killdozer at DNA Lounge. Heart skipped a beat for a sec.

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