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List of catgirls

This is a list of catgirls in notable fictional works.

  1. Catgirls who always have real cat ears and a tail
  2. Nekomusume
  3. Catgirls who always have real cat ears
  4. Girls who transform into catgirls
  5. Girls who are seen wearing catgirl costumes regularly
  6. Catboys
  7. Real Cats with human traits
  8. Western catgirls
  9. Live action catgirls
  10. Webcomic catgirls
  11. Others
  12. References

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4 Responses:

  1. Sebastian says:

    13. Those belonging to the Emperor.

    • jwz says:

      If there was any justice, that would have already been in the list. But no. I'll bet you can't make it stick, either. Go ahead, I dare you!

  2. Surprisingly, my edit to that page has stuck.

  3. Sheilagh says:

    tee hee! Love the anachronistic LJ tags on Previously:

    I was like .. wait! I shouldn't see that, oh, right, am NOT on LJ now.