No maps for these territories

So this guy found pictures of people in Street View, went to those locations, and pasted up printouts of those people. Which is kinda funny.

It should not surprise you that the only thing more despicable than the "artist statement" here is the web design itself.

Street Ghosts:

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11 Responses:

  1. David says:

    "Google didn’t ask permission to appropriate images of all the world’s towns and cities, nor did it pay anything to do so."

    Wow, where do I sign up for my free Street View car?

  2. Otto says:

    Clever, but the stated intent (and other works by the same guy) definitely place him firmly into douchebaggery territory.

  3. Elusis says:

    I am noticeably dumber for having clicked through and tried to read that.

  4. MrMickS says:

    Interesting idea. Not sure if I'd been keen if they did it at my daughter's place. The guy on StreetView has been dead for two years.

  5. jmags says:

    Will any "New Aesthetic" jagoff ever use the world "algorithm" correctly? Signs point to no.

  6. reboots says:

    Nathan Barley, perambulatory peanut-studded pile of human excrement, is photographed in a heroic pose while dictating a guerilla press release on his Wasp T12 Speechtool after having sabotaged the tricycle of Google Stree View in Central Park, NYC, summer 2012.

  7. skreidle says:

    He seems to be overlooking a few pesky details involving "photos taken from public property" and "reasonable expectation of privacy"..

  8. MattyJ says:

    If this isn't really Mr. Brainwash, I'll eat my hat.

    Note: I own no hats.

  9. nick says:

    The only thing funnier than the artist statement is this website criticizing that website's design.

  10. Josh says:

    Looks like animation in the A-ha 'take on me' video. Only, this looks to be Kurt of Information Society.

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