"Female Nipple Bulging, or F.N.B. for short"

The New Yorker got temporarily banned from Facebook for violating their community standards on "Nudity and Sex," by posting this Mick Stevens cartoon:

Some sleuthing showed that the offense was actually caused by the inclusion of these two dots in the cartoon,

which, by the way, also contained these two non-offending dots.

Can you spot all four of them in the banned cartoon? Hint: it's like "Where's Waldo?," but for nipples.

Now, we could have fought the ruling on technical grounds, because, let's face it, these female nips, by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how prurient, are just not bulging. But rather than fight the battle of the bulge, let's point out, that while female nipple bulging, or F.N.B. for short, is a potentially serious problem, with as yet no known cure, it also has no known victims. That is, unless you count freedom of expression, common sense, and humor.

It's too bad that the cartoon isn't actually funny. See also the "Christ, What An Asshole" Theory.

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One Response:

  1. NelC says:

    I will fight to the point of mild inconvenience for the right of The New Yorker to publish non-humorous cartoon nipples.