The music is deplorable, but it has some decent gags.

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  1. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Is that the guy who makes your fancy Bloody Maries?

  2. Edouard says:

    So the parody drinks in the video were less crazy than the actual drinks you keep posting here.

    Which leaves me confused: this entry is clearly saying "no, no", but your liver is obviously posting when your not around, and it's been saying "yes, yes".

  3. mysterc says:

    Those aren't parody drinks. I've been to that bar.

    • Um… no, mysterc, at La Descarga (LA, more or less Hollywood Hills), where this was shot, they do not pour absinthe over comedy-huge rocks except as a (this) joke and, at the front bar (where this video was shot), they serve drinks quite quickly. (The back bar is for cigars and sipping rum straight, so I guess that's a relatively quick pour too, but a rather different vibe.)

      (No, I don't work there, I've just visited.)

      • mysterc says:

        Oddly,I have actually been to bars outside of the SF bay area. Also, that bar was I'm reference to many different bars that serve drinks in that ridiculous manner.

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