Burning Man Memorial Bloody Mary Summit

Also, for the record, I have showered today. You dirty hippies.

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17 Responses:

  1. Wibble says:

    Is that...bacon?

    What? No...must be something in my eye...

  2. Roger Braun says:

    So... how many Bloody Marys do you drink on any given day?

  3. Different Jamie says:

    Actually, I get a visceral impression that your beverage shares quite a lot with Burner art. I feel like it is going to burp flame and crawl away.

  4. mrbill says:

    That looks like a meal in a glass. Fantastic.

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      Ugh, flavored coffee.

      (For the uninitiated: Good coffee has plenty of flavor, all by itself.)

  5. Brian B says:

    So, if one doesn't particularly care for meat, is it now necessary to order a vegetarian bloody Mary?

  6. Adolf Osborne says:

    Also: I'm tired of seeing apparently-the-same knotted cocktail toothpicks and black sippy-straws everywhere. Years ago? Perhaps clever. Nowadays? Geez: It's great that all bars, everywhere, have the exact same catalog to order "unique" drink trinkets from.

    But an old-school waxed-paper soda straw would be far more original. And meanwhile, do let the drink's dinner-salad float, as God intended: There's no need to sequester it with a art-faux skewer, as the dinner-salad is just another part of the drink and they're probably better off being closer together than further-apart anyway.

  7. Ben says:

    How are all these fuckers not tagged "bloodymary"? The first time I've ever wanted to link to a tag on one of the longest running serials in your blog posts, and it's not there.