I will now bite myself in the brain.

"The mortality rate of the babirusa, a type of wild pig, is often raised in a curious way: some individuals die of having their brain pierced by their own tusks. [...] The bottom ones emerge from the lower jaw and point upward; the upper canines also grow upward, crossing the muzzle and then curving to the rear. They grow as long as thirty centimeters. In certain aged males, the tips of the tusks sometimes end by meeting the skull, which they gradually pierce until they bring about the animal's death.

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9 Responses:

  1. LafinJack says:

    Therefore, Intelligent Design.

  2. Jens Kilian says:

    I seem to remember that an effect like this was used as a torture/execution method in an Iain M. Banks novel. (Probably The Algebraist, but I can't check now.)